OP.ER.AT.IC                  (op/e rat/ ik),  adj,  

1.   of,    pertaining to,  or resembling opera.

2. suitable for opera.  3. the technique

of producing or staging operas.  4. the

artist below



         Metropolitan opera

         Teacher and Coach

847 526-0528  wpbaritone@aol.com

Forty years of professional performances have given Mr. Powers a clear insight into all aspects of a systematic development, as well as the confidence and skill to impart it to the student.  

There is no student of any age who cannot improve upon his current level of concept and delivery, and another pair of “qualified ears” will always be of help. Renowned  mezzo-soprano  Jennifer Larmore  is quick to acknowledge the benefit she gained by working with Mr. Powers in both stage presence and vocal interpretation…experience is an excellent instructor!

Lessons are offered in the beautiful Prairie-styled  studio, boasting a robust 22 foot

cathedral ceiling and live hardwood acoustic.  Call to discuss an appointment time:        
(847) 526-0528